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To judge a book by its cover - The customer's first impression of a company is often determined by the latter's image and how it presents itself. IMP Management helps to build an effective presence for a company and can assist in translating the company's inner values into a certain image; from the company's Entrée, which will define the first impression it makes, through to designing representative and virtual office spaces. But that's not the end of our range of marketing services.

IMP Management experts often have to deal with the challenge of designing a suitable representation and visual communication strategy directly on site, once the remodelling and relocation tasks have been completed. The work's been done - the new address seems ideal but it still needs some rounding off with the adequate aesthetics. This is often the point where our marketing expertise is called into action. Often it begins with a single request for, say, a certain material for a certain surface or to design an innovative window display. More often than not, however, it ends in a commission for a comprehensive transformation of the client company's Corporate Identity and Corporate Design.

We also offer full service in all matters of Corporate Design, in association with established and specialised working partners from different marketing areas: logo development, company stationery, company colours, labelling systems, planning trade fair participation and exhibition design - a full-fledged range of services from a single source.

If you wish to round off your corporate presence with a professional Internet gateway we will extend the integral image of your company from the factual to the virtual world without media transfer disruption. We will also let you in on which paths to follow to achieve as efficient an online marketing strategy as that of IMP Management.


  • Room and Entrée Image
  • Stationery
  • Labelling
  • Fittings, Interior Design Representation
  • Exhibitions, Fairs
  • Corporate Identity and Corporate Design
  • State-of-the-art Internet presence
  • Efficient Online-Marketing
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