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Efficiency is an art - no less so when planning remodelling works in the middle of a company's daily work. In the course of a relocation process, IMP Management strives to balance both the need to respect the client company's needs and, in the same degree, to lessen negative psychological effects upon the company's team-mates. IMP manages remodelling with success; showing consistency in its work and consideration for the concerned clients and their co-workers.

What applies to relocation applies no less to remodelling for business structures. Indeed, the targeted room alterations, along with the necessary infrastructure modifications, need to be effected in the middle of the daily business routine while causing as little disturbance and noise as possible. All this, in a cost-efficient way. A remodelling plan of these standards needs to meet highly demanding levels of preciseness and flexibility.

To begin with, accurate As-Is Status and Target analyses should be drawn up. They can start off at the level of building analysis and head right through to value assessments of the existing structures: These initial results may or will probably require target corrections. Also vital for any remodelling plan: Taking inventory of the concerned workers, equipment, machines, rooms and spaces. Likewise on the to-do list: An As-Is Status structure analysis that procures exact area measurements and, just as importantly, a detailed record and classification of the existing technical infrastructure.

Remodelling needs to take account of both the status of HVACR (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration) factors in their stricter sense (including all electrical, waste- and process-water conducts) and of telecommunication networks. Of also ever-increasing importance in the last two decades, a company's digital communications system also needs attention. In this sense, the remodelling planner needs to ensure that the company-specific network set-up for example, and its accompanying cabling and hardware equipment (such as keyboards, PCs, laptops, monitors, printers, etc.), are adequately reinstalled after remodelling.

IMP Management is well equipped to set up the precise work plans for the relevant remodellings services that will guarantee meeting the remodelling targets (services list). Our company also has the required know-how to request quotations for single-task-implementation.

A successful time frame in the implementation of the agreed remodelling plan requires a perfect synchronisation of the different work segments and strict cost- and quality-control. Installation supervision and invoice verification are also an integral part of a professional remodelling plan.


  • Schedule Planning
  • Services List/Offers
  • Cost Monitoring
  • Installation and Construction Supervision
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