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Especially complex projects fall under a higher task ranking, which we call project control. IMP Management's competence is defined by its capacity to keep all component threads of a project in check from the start. In this way, IMP Management can safely act and reach decisions on the basis of reliable knowledge at any point in time, guaranteeing in this way successful project implementation.

A project's success or failure is determined by how precisely its scheduled specifications can be met. Any initial deficiencies in analysis or in careful detail planning will sooner or later lead to difficulties. In the case of large-scale projects, it could easily lead to mid-scale catastrophes. That is why IMP Management's project control sets out with precise schedule planning from Day One; this is essential for the success of the project's later stages.

Meeting the set deadlines and thereby remaining within the margins of the defined budgets is not enough to ensure optimal cost monitoring for the whole; plenty of work remains to be done if continued cost monitoring of the project's further component parts is to be ensured. Coordination of the different participants in the project also needs to go beyond mere synchronisation - efficiency and cost-awareness are indispensable and therefore a central axis of our project control.

We have responsibilities vis-à-vis our clients: Consistency when directing a project and monitoring the fulfilment of tasks are standard requirements for successful implementation. A slovenly execution of any part of the project is unacceptable. We make this quite clear already at the stage of request for quotations. We apply our policy of consistent target-awareness through to the successful and full implementation of the project.

Our customer must be able to avail him/herself of the transparency of our actions at any and at all times and down to the smallest detail. We accept neither non-addressed issues and certainly nor unexpected cost escalations. Indeed, herein lays the crucial responsibility of project control.

The upshot: Project control means we will remain at the helm and work in our client's interests through to the project's final completion.


  • Schedule Planning
  • Cost Monitoring
  • Overall Project Management
  • Project Documentation

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